• Educational Material - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Bandwidth Friendly To Your Network
  • Content, Curriculum, & File Format Agnostic
  • Driven & Controlled By The Teacher
  • Promotes Personalized Learning
  • Supports All Major Devices

What is URcast?

URcast is a content distribution application for the K-12 classroom that customizes today’s most effective software features for education.  URcast integrates caching, automatic downloading, and scheduled broadcasting – the same technologies used by Netflix, Google, iTunes, Instagram and TV networks – into an educator controlled school network supplement that:

  • saves classroom time
  • extends current network life
  • effectively increases bandwidth
  • increases content delivery reliability
  • provides the digital infrastructure to make the 1:1 transition
  • provides student equality to content access in 1:1 environments outside the school
URcast gives the teacher complete content control and the student instant, secure and reliable access to teacher selected lessons and resources.

Introductory Video

URcast Support

If you're looking for support or training for URcast please click here to go to the support site.

Request a URcast Trial

If you're interested in a trial use of URcast please contact us and we'll be glad to arrange one. Trials can be either done by installing URcast software on an existing school server or we can supply your school with a preloaded server.

What Teachers Say

“The speed of URcast is significantly faster.   The longest part of the process is having the students turn-on the tablets (URcast from the student point of view is almost instant).”
— High School Teacher 

“Access without internet- I absolutely LOVE that my students don't need internet access at home to get to the resources they need.”
— 6th Grade Teacher

What Students Say

“I like URcast because it saves you a lot of time and it is fast.” 
— Jose, Middle School Student 

 “I don't have internet at home right now and every time I don't finish the videos during class I can look at them without even using the internet.”
— Danna, Middle School Student