Save Time.

In the classroom, videos and other media are instantly available on student devices. The result? More time on task.

Accessible Anywhere.

Students can view videos, documents, and other content offline – eliminating the need for Internet connectivity.

Digital Homework.

Close the Homework Gap – students can write papers, answer assignments and research teacher materials offline – with or without home Internet.

Limitless Potential.

Reduce school network traffic and maximize available space to create more interactive learning opportunities, both online and offline. The results are limitless.

How URcast Works

URcast is a system designed specifically for schools to take advantage of offline access to expand and improve the learning experience as well as save time and money.

For schools, downloading and caching (storing) digital content on the student’s device creates powerful benefits. Students can watch videos, read books, and work on assignments offline - without the need for Internet. Caching allows students to access content immediately, frees up more school bandwidth, and allows students access to learning opportunities from anywhere on any device.

URcast Solutions

Student Equity

  • ALL students are assured of getting their teachers’ education materials
  • Digital learning without Internet access bridging the Homework Gap

More Learning Opportunities

  • Teachers can distribute more content
  • Quickly flip the class inside & outside school
  • Extending online resources with offline access
  • Faster time to content leaves more time for learning - in class & at home

Cost Savings & Bandwidth Efficiencies

  • Save paper content costs & leverage emerging low cost / free OER
  • Reduce paper, print & copy costs
  • Reduce Internet traffic on school network – more school bandwidth for learning
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