Support for Technicians

URcast is a caching software solution which quickly integrates into a school’s existing LAN/WiFi network. URcast caches on multiple network levels and ultimately to a teacher-determined cache at the individual client (student) device level.

URcast is designed to be easily installed into school networks and the software consists of 3 components:

  1. URcast Message Builder (MB): An application used by the teacher on his/her device to assemble and publish digital learning materials for broadcasting over the school network. The learning materials are target – delivered to specific school devices identified by teachers.
  2. URcast Message Center (MC): An application used by students on their devices (or on computer lab devices) to automatically receive and cache teacher’s digital learning materials sent by MB to the device.
  3. URcast Network Platform (UNP): Software that runs as part of the school’s LAN infrastructure allowing teachers to deliver digital learning resources to their students’ devices and enable students to reply. The UNP can run on an existing school server or on a dedicated caching server. Additional low-cost servers running the UNP, referred to as Gateways, can be added within the network to speed network content delivery.


For specific questions regarding URcast technical details, please contact Keith Bolick at