About URcast

URcast is a groundbreaking content distribution application that is customized for the K-12 classroom.  URcast is teacher driven and can be populated with any instructional content. It allows the teacher complete content control and the student instant and reliable access to teacher selected lessons and resources in the classroom and after school even if the student lacks an Internet connection.

By using proven consumer technologies like caching, broadcasting and interval scheduling, URcast maximizes the performance, utility and useful life of the schools internal wired and wireless network.

URcast is an open software system that can distribute almost any subscription or open learning resource. It supports Windows, iOS, Chrome and Android in both non 1:1 and 1:1 learning environments.

URcast saves classroom time and increases teacher’s digital capabilities while allowing students more time to stay on task. The software supports personalized learning and the ability to provide students access to any data-rich media content reliably.