For Administrators

Budgets require efficiencies and the optimization of investment performances. URcast technology optimizes network performance on a pedagogical and financial basis. As schools continue to make the transition to digital learning more and better use of school bandwidth will be paramount. And as learning becomes more student device centric, network infrastructure needs to facilitate the increasing bandwidth demands. URcast will extend the life of your current network to better facilitate non 1:1 environments and maximize your 1:1 environment. As a system open to all content sources, URcast will increase Internet learning resource options. It is an integral network component that provides a more affordable way to achieve bandwidth goals.

URcast is a software product that integrates caching to maximize network performance and deployment is fast and simple. Server installation takes about an hour and devices typically download the app according to OS. URcast supports Windows, iOS, Chrome & Android. Teacher training takes as little as 15 minutes to learn the basics and no more than a couple hours for advanced users. And Students just click a class icon for lesson access.