Case Studies

URcast Time Savings

Here's common scenario from one of our classrooms. Fifteen students were asked to watch a 15+ MB Discovery Education video, first given a web address and then again using URcast. The results are shown below:

Web Stream/Download Using URcast
  • 6 Students see their video in 30 seconds
  • 7 Students see their video in 1.5-2.5 minutes
  • 2 Students gave up after 15 minutes
  • 15 students begin their video in 5-8 seconds
As you can see, delivering videos with URcast can save a lot of classroom time and can be more reliable.

100x Savings In Internet Usage

URcast was being deployed in a school with 750 students and 30 classrooms. Eight classrooms were deployed over the period January 6 to February 6, 2014. During that period, 8 teachers and 250 students used the system to access educational content and other learning resources.

All content transfers were measured and the measurements were logged by the system. The following analysis extrapolates from measurements of the 8 classrooms where the system was used, estimating total consumption and savings if URcast had been deployed to all 30 classrooms.

Network Usage in MBytes
Network Scope Web Stream/Download Using URcast
Wide-Area Network 985,699 1,613
Local-Area Network 985,699 1,084,269

WAN usage was reduced – by 99% – because content was downloaded only one time from the external Internet by a teacher, and then distributed within the school to students and to other teachers that wanted to reuse the content. A small increase (around 10%) in usage of the in-school Local Area Network occurred due to the overhead of operating the URcast system. This increase had no cost impact for the school since LAN capacity was not a bottleneck. In exchange, the system significantly reduced usage of the expensive external Internet connection.