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Teacher FAQs

Do I need to be at school to use URcast to deliver assignments to my students?

The teacher can submit to the school network for student delivery from any Internet connection, such as at home, in the airport or in a restaurant. The teacher needs outside access to the school network and students will receive the delivered materials when they enter the school network on whatever date the teacher has selected.

Can I plan delivery of learning materials and assignments for more than one day?

Yes. URcast will automatically deliver multiple assignments on whatever future dates chosen on the schedule function. For example, you can plan 10 lessons for two weeks out and send all 10 at once, just schedule the delivery dates for the days you want your students to receive them. The school network will deliver and automatically download your learning materials according to the date you selected, even if you submitted your all your materials, say, two weeks beforehand. Or, schedule one delivery with multiple assignments, each identified by date, for individual student extra credit and self-paced progression.

Can I deliver different learning materials for different subgroups within a classroom?

Yes. With the help of your URcast Admin, you can deliver different learning materials to different student subgroups. Your URcast Admin will need to create additional classes (subgroups) to your account, and then you can deliver to your entire crass or to individual subclasses.

Can students submit back required work to an assignment?

Yes. URcast has a student reply function on Message Builder, simply click the “Student Reply” button. For example, a teacher sends a worksheet with a video. Students complete the worksheet, online or offline, and it is automatically uploaded to the teacher’s account for review when the student is back within the school network.

When I deliver lesson materials and an assignment, do all students within the school automatically receive and download, or just my own students?

Only your students receive your message and have your lesson materials and assignments automatically downloaded.

What happens if the school network slows or goes down and students have no school Internet access?

Students can still access your delivered learning materials and complete your assignments offline, wherever they are.

How does URcast work with Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

URcast complements your LMS, which are primarily cloud based online tools requiring adequate Internet connectivity, inside or outside school. URcast helps your LMS by distributing entire learning objects, regardless of data size and students access these learning objects without Internet connectivity.

What digital content & learning resources can I download for delivery to my students?

Generally, any content that can be downloaded can be used, but please go to the “Downloading for Digital Distribution” section under Teacher Tips.

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