For Teachers

Educator Control

URcast enables the teacher total control of content and learning resource distribution to the student. The student accesses only what the teacher chooses to send. URcast is an “open” system, so teachers can send almost any learning resource; subscription, open (free) or self created. Once any lesson is created it can be stored, modified and shared with other teachers. URcast increases teacher bandwidth capacity enabling greater access to more learning resources for distribution to students.

Easy To Use

Building a lesson plan or message to send is intuitive and simple to do. A teacher can build lessons/messages from inside the school or from anywhere they are connected outside the school. A teacher then schedules when to send the lesson/message for automatic download, She/he determines to which class the lesson/message is sent and how long the lesson/message resides on the device before it automatically expires.


The time savings from URcast benefits all. Because the teacher controls distribution students receive downloaded lessons/messages instantly and completely error-free; there is no technical down time. This allows students to stay on task in school and, if a 1:1 environment, to access material anywhere outside school. The time savings allow for more personalized learning experiences and frees up teachers to focus on learning and not delivering learning resources.